Food as Medicine:

At Listen, we’ve long been bullish on investing in shifting consumer relationships with food. This conviction is what drove us to invest in brands like Factor, Continue Reading

Bringing Fable to the Table

At Listen, we like to think that a person’s home is a reflection of their values and brings countless opportunities for self expression. From our investments in Continue Reading

Leveling the playing driving field

Auto insurance is an absolute in America β€” it’s required for the over 200M licensed drivers in this country. Accordingly, insurance companies and insurtechs aggressively compete for consumer attention using…

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A Deep Dive from Listen: Non-Alcoholic Market

Drinking culture is shifting to conscious consumption – it’s not about full sobriety, it’s about moderation The market is red hot and while it’s largely driven by new entrants, Big…

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The Better You Network

Emotions have the most powerful impact on our quality of life. Yet, learning how to navigate them is something we are never taught. As we enter 2022 amidst the…

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Listen raises $92 million to continue investing in consumer-obsessed entrepreneurs

The team of creative capitalists behind consumer favorites Calm, Catch Co, Dame, Factor, and Interior Define doubles down on their concentrated investment strategy with their third fund and launch of…

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The Future of Flavor is here

This past June, we closed a seed investment in The Cumin Club, a just-add-water Indian meal brand. Co-Founders Ragoth and Harish were Indian ex-pats working in retail…

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Introducing our Venture Partners: Shawn, Mike, and Kofi

At Listen, we love to bring the best minds to the table. In addition to the core squad backing extraordinary founders and building their brands, we’ve added a few incredible…

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Will The Real Emcee Please Stand Up

Being an emcee requires a certain kind of magic. Think of a night club, for example. The lights are low, the crowd is silent and mid-motion patiently waiting for the…

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Monetize Me

β€œData is the new oil,” proclaimed The Economist way back in 2017. And while legislators like Gavin Newsom and tech royalty like Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes used…

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