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Listen welcomes Ellen Wilcox as Head of Listening

Listen welcomes Ellen Wilcox as Head of Listening

We have always said – money talks, ours Listens. The act of listening is our foundation for investing. Our thesis is that brands of tomorrow will be built WITH their consumers and the most consumer-obsessed founders…

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Catch Co. launches inspirational Bassmobile roadshow

During a six month tour of the US, the Bassmobile, a converted RV, will engage with consumers, film a vlog capturing the adventurous roadshow and inspire more people to go fishing. Continue Reading

Slumberkins CEOs are teaching social-emotional learning skills for kids

As mothers with family therapy and early education backgrounds, Cofounders and Co-CEOs Kelly Oriard and Callie Christensen identified a need for intentional children's products while on maternity leave together in 2016. Continue Reading

Interior Define ranks first on Cylindo’s ‘Top 100 US Furniture Retailers 2021’

With the highest e-commerce merchandising index, Interior Define has all the analyzed features, The product pages are rich with high-quality visuals. Continue Reading

OROS announces release of the limited edition C41 Flight Jacket

NASA x OROS C41 Aerogel Hoodie Honors First Black American Space Pilot. Meet the C41 Flight Jacket. Using the brand’s SOLARCORE aerogel fabric, OROS designed its insulation pattern with body mapping to optimize breathability and protection. Continue Reading

Dame secures investment, continuing their quest to close the pleasure gap

Fine specifies that one of the key reasons Dame chose Listen as a strategic partner was the enthusiasm of its other portfolio brands. Continue Reading

Factor acquired by HelloFresh for $277M

By joining HelloFresh, Factor will leverage new resources and category expertise to accelerate our growth, enhance our brand positioning and further amplify our mission. Continue Reading