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Growing Happy

Growing Happy

A food fight in America rages on. Sugar blames fat. Fat calls out gluten. The government and lobbyists enable it all. And the loser? The consumer – left confused by all the claims and counterclaims of…

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  • The 4th Trimester: A Year in Review Part 2

    As you probably gathered from Part 1 of this journey, during my 4th trimester I made it my mission to do whatever I…

  • Brand Re-Opening

    As the world begins to open up post-pandemic, brands are facing existential questions. Is remote work the new norm? Are hybrid models worth…

  • The Other Side

    As our lives were turned upside down over the last 15 months, we had many conversations at Listen about what cultural shifts and…

  • Deeper than the media

    Naomi Osaka turned heads last week after announcing she would not be speaking to the media during the French Open as a…

  • This Picture is Worth +/-1,000 ETH

    The innovation of the internet was to make information cheap, accessible and capable of being infinitely duplicated. This construct opened the world to…

  • Yes, And

    When asked what’s required to be a great investor, I often suggest a willingness to learn improv. That’s not to suggest…

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Portfolio News

Dame secures investment, continuing their quest to close the pleasure gap

Fine specifies that one of the key reasons Dame chose Listen as a strategic partner was the enthusiasm of its other portfolio brands. Continue Reading

Factor acquired by HelloFresh for $277M

By joining HelloFresh, Factor will leverage new resources and category expertise to accelerate our growth, enhance our brand positioning and further amplify our mission. Continue Reading

Catch Co reels in $6M round to continue rescuing people from the indoors

Catch Co, best known for its subscription box service called Mystery Tackle Box, announced it raised $6 million led by existing investor Listen Ventures. Continue Reading

Own Up eyes national expansion with $12M funding round

Own Up has raised a $12 million funding round to invest in the technology powering its digital platform, grow their customer success team, and expand to 15 new states. Continue Reading