🛠️ We back and build the brands of tomorrow.

At Listen we invest in ambitious entrepreneurs who challenge traditional thinking and are passionate about re-imagining the experience of a category. We activate their idea with a diverse team of thinkers, advisors and creators— adding value beyond capital.


👂 More than just our name.

None of us can build a company alone. So we work to ask the right questions in order to help our companies unlock a deeper connection with their audience.

Listen hard, speak easy.

We partner with our portfolio companies to define their most compelling truths. And use them to create brands that can disrupt categories with purpose and cultural relevance.

✨ Stand out by standing for something meaningful.

Stand out by standing for something meaningful.
When a start-up can define what it stands for, decisions become easier to make and the delivery of their brand resonates more with their audience. This emotional connection between brand and consumer cannot be co-opted by competition.

Stand out by standing for something meaningful.

⚙️ Better brand. Better business.

Brand is a platform for innovation that inspires commerce and invites participation. The consistent, authentic and transparent delivery of your brand attracts believers and drives value.

Born in Chicago.

Our office is located in the innovative Fulton Market District. From brand workshops to cultural events, our creative space serves as homebase for building the brands of tomorrow.

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