Listen welcomes Ellen Wilcox as Head of Listening

We have always said – money talks, ours Listens. The act of listening is our foundation for investing. Our thesis is that brands of tomorrow will be built WITH their…

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Bringing Fable to the Table

At Listen, we like to think that a person’s home is a reflection of their values and brings countless opportunities for self expression. From our investments in Continue Reading

Leveling the playing driving field

Auto insurance is an absolute in America β€” it’s required for the over 200M licensed drivers in this country. Accordingly, insurance companies and insurtechs aggressively compete for consumer attention using…

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The Better You Network

Emotions have the most powerful impact on our quality of life. Yet, learning how to navigate them is something we are never taught. As we enter 2022 amidst the…

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Listen expands Investment team with Associate, Hylton Irons

The Listen squad is made up of a small group of us who love finding entrepreneurs who are challenging the status quo for good and then helping them build their…

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Growing Happy

A food fight in America rages on. Sugar blames fat. Fat calls out gluten. The government and lobbyists enable it all. And the loser? The consumer – left confused by…

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Closing the Pleasure Gap

For the past two years, Listen has developed a thesis called “Better You,” which focuses on the factors that drive personal health and wellness β€” mental, sleep, nutrition, activity, livelihood,…

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Listen expands investment team with the addition of Kimmie Carey and Shawn Dennis

Chicago – 11/18/20: Listen, a consumer-focused venture capital firm investing in early-stage brands, has welcomed Kimmie Carey (Principal) and Shawn Dennis (Venture Partner) to the team. This powerhouse duo will…

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