Raise Gift Card Marketplace.

What if

Each year, over $20 Billion of gift cards go unused. George Bousis couldn’t get over this fact and set out to figure out how to unlock this value and give it back to consumers in the form of savings. He launched Coupontrade a site to buy and sell gift cards shortly after. Listen was intrigued by this opportunity and backed George on this journey.

After we partnered, we immediately hit the street to talk with consumers and realized the vernacular surrounding saving money – scrimp, penny pinch, frugal – is focused on doing without. However, when people save money, they actually have more to spend on the things they want. “Give yourself a raise” conveys that the company exists to help people fulfill their dreams by taking greater control of their money. This idea compelled us to rebrand the company to “Raise”. And in 2013 we re-launched the brand with a mission to help make people’s money worth more. Since then, Raise has helped put over $150 Million back into its users pockets!

Give Yourself A Raise

People don't dream about saving money, they save money to realize their dreams.

Rebranding our company was the best decision Raise made in its early years.

George Bousis, Founder


  • George Bousis
    Founder & CEO


Chicago, IL