Delivering Pediatric Care the Modern Way

October, 2023 Listen closed an investment in Modern Pediatrics, an Austin-based at-home concierge pediatrics practice. The business was founded by Andy O’Hara, an engineer and two time founder and Dr. Tim Porter, a board-certified Pediatrician who built a loyal following at Weissbluth in Chicago.

Andy and Dr. Tim recognized two intersecting truths: (1) While the pediatric market is massive ($13BN), the business model is failing the most important stakeholders. Pediatric offices are operating on razor thin fee-for-service margins which require higher patient volume and result in practitioner burnout. (2) Families are deeply dissatisfied with the administration of pediatric care — long waits, short visits, germy waiting rooms, 1-800 numbers, archaic reporting, etc.

Through a subscription membership and fee-for-services model, families have access to at-home appointments with pediatric practitioners for routine-check ups, vaccinations, and urgent/sick care needs, as well as 24/7 access to virtual care. re. Their consumer-obsessed approach has resulted in an experience that is beloved by patients and practitioners alike:

“I originally thought paying for someone to come to my house didn’t seem like something I need… I just assumed I’m supposed to be frustrated with my provider. Now, I could never go back to the old way… the amount of money feels like a steal to get such a deal on healthcare and an easier experience.”
—Modern Pediatrics Parent

“In my previous clinic, I saw 32 children a day. That’s 10 minutes (including the nurse’s time) with each. I had no opportunity to meet parents and build rapport. It was a lot of burnout and compassion fatigue… It’s been a night-and-day difference with Modern Pediatrics. I know I’m seeing one family per hour. The parents aren’t in a bad mood because they haven’t been left waiting. The kids are less stressed. I’m not rushed, and I’m not stressed.”
—Modern Pediatrics Practitioner

For Listen, this business hits our sweet spot. The market is large and growing with a highly motivated and deeply dissatisfied legacy customer — a customer we now know well as part of our latest insights work, “Mindsets from the Middle”: the midlife woman. And, in designing a better solution for parents and families, they’re also quickly becoming one of the best places to work for top-tier pediatric practitioners. The team is exceptional, having built one of the most reputable and largest pediatrics practices in Austin.