The World's Best Shower Filter

Jolie is a skin/beauty wellness company that sells a better-for-you shower head. Jolie solves the problem of pollutants in shower water, which is the root cause of many of the skin & hair issues people are most concerned about (frizzy hair, brittle hair, hair loss, dry skin, eczema, acne, psoriasis, hives, etc). Jolie is step 0 in everyone’s daily routine and the shower is the single constant in everyone’s daily behavior. Where products and trends will come and go, showering is the one thing we do daily from age 7 to death.

Specifically, Jolie’s technology filters hard water, which contains high levels of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium, as well as chlorine. When in contact with skin, it disrupt the skin’s natural pH balance, and strip the skin of essential oils and proteins, which causes dryness, irritation, and itching. Prolonged exposure can also cause damage to the skin’s barrier which is what leads to eczema. Hard water can also cause soap scum and buildup on the skin, which can clog the pores and lead to acne.

For those with sensitive skin or are conscious about what the skin is exposed to, it is recommended to use some kind of water filtration system in addition to using skincare products formulated for sensitive skin. Whole house water softeners are expensive and not accessible to consumers living in apartment buildings. And while shower filters have their limitations, it is our believe that Jolie’s KDF filtration technology is the best on the market and can still make a meaningful and observable difference for consumers.

“How would I describe Jolie in one word? Honestly, spa is what I think of. Just from a presentation, the way the product looks, the way it feels when I’m in my shower… It actually feels like a spa day, even though it’s just ten minutes without a toddler screaming at me. In a nutshell, ‘spa’ means relaxation, peace of mind, meditation… and I think that’s well communicated by the brand.”
– Jolie Customer

“I know Jolie works. It’s hard to know with shower filters if they work. I’m probably one of the few that knows THIS FILTER WORKS. When I didn’t have it, my skin was falling off. When I did, it didn’t.”
– Jolie Customer