This Picture is Worth +/-1,000 ETH

The innovation of the internet was to make information cheap, accessible and capable of being infinitely duplicated. This construct opened the world to abundant and inexpensive information. Humanity forever changed because of it. But, cheap, available, and copyable is the opposite of what money and value are. By contrast, a store of value is scarce, expensive, and difficult to acquire. Enter 2021’s hottest topic on the blockchain, NFTs.

You can’t scroll anywhere without seeing conversation about Non-Fungible Tokens and their impact on what we perceive as valuable. In simplified terms, NFT’s are a digital certificate that proves ownership of a unique digital asset. These unique tokens can take the form of any kind of digital data, and due to demand can be very valuable. From cute collectible Cryptokitties, to the advent of the cryptoartist, and even cryptomusicians, we are seeing a new era of value creation for creators.

Leveraging this power of creativity and collectability, countless communities have sprung up to handle the ‘coinrush’. The future of exclusive content from your favorite celebrity or sneaker brand will undoubtedly be sold to you, using this technology. As brands and entrepreneurs figure out the demand for exclusive access, we will see a shift in how stories are told and communities of fans are built. Human creativity has long been valued for its ability to shape the world. What’s next is the ability for consumers to invest in creative ideas alongside the creators. Now who’s ready to invest in the originator of the cat meme?

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