Interior Define Custom Furniture.

What if

Interior Define launched in 2014. The furniture category was lagging behind the Direct-to-consumer growth movement and legacy players questioned if consumers would buy a high price home staple online if they couldn’t first feel, sample, see?

Absolutely, believed Rob Royer. Frustrated with his own experience trying to find the perfect sofa, Rob set out to reimagine the approach to custom-furniture. Excited by Rob’s take on a massive category, Listen backed Rob’s vision.

The opportunity was to marry I/D’s customization and direct-to-consumer model with a more emotionally compelling message. “Make Yourself Comfortable” is an invitation into the brand, an incredibly approachable experience that inspires self-expression. The result is a national presence with 6 Guideshops and fully customizable lines of sofas, beds and dining sets.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Your home best reflects your unique identity.

Our partnership with Listen changed the trajectory of our brand. The Listen team helped us re-establish our brand promise and unlock how we communicate our differentiation. Importantly, Listen (and Jeff, as a board member) is always there to support our brand and team.

Rob Royer, Founder & CEO


  • Rob Royer
    Founder & CEO
  • Jordan Diab
    CFO & COO


Chicago, IL