Investing in my mind

Investing in my mind

My first therapy session was when I was six years old. My recently married Indian-immigrant parents knew that most blended families end in divorce and vowed to make it work. Even if it meant dragging along a six and nine-year-old and going against rigid cultural norms as Indian-American immigrants.

And it worked!

They’ve now been married for 32 years and I’ve been a cheerleader for therapy since. Yet I took a 28 year break from therapy because I thought it was either a reaction to life events (like my parents) or was clinically prescribed.

That view evolved when Nilam and I had kids. Nilam’s postpartum depression ran deep and endured well beyond both Lana and Lake’s births. Our relationship, previously a constant, took an unfamiliar form. We needed therapy and it became our relationship’s safe space.

My individual sessions remain my refuge, a place where I can grasp the root cause of my feelings of anxiety. How to sit with it, adapt and grow. I emerge refreshed with an arsenal of tools to address today and prepare for the future.

Therapy is not just counselling in dark times; it is a coach for your mind. And putting the same effort in my mind as I do in my fitness/appearance has yielded disproportionate benefit.

Investing in my mind

Joelle, Ryan and I recently explored therapy on Overheard, our podcast where we tackle topics of stigma that are equally challenging and inspiring. Listen also provides founders access to therapists and coaches.

Do you have a therapist or coach? I’d love to hear how you invest in your mind!

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