Catch Co Fishing Gear.

What if

The outdoor recreation industry is as big as the great outdoors. Fishing alone is the second largest participation sport behind running and jogging. With over 40 million active participants, Anglers are a deeply passionate community dedicated to the endless pursuit of discovery.

Yet the retail and e-commerce options did little to bring the experience off the water. Ross Gordon, an entrepreneur and avid angler, did just that with the launch of Mystery Tackle Box – a discovery tackle platform delivered to your door each month mimicking the surprise, discovery and delight of the actual fishing experience. Excited by Ross’s vision to reimagine this category, Listen partnered with Ross to build a brand platform that reflects the actual experience anglers’ love.

“Catch never Caught” conveys a relentless pursuit of novel experiences and products that anglers’ yearn to discover. Catch Co. has built a platform including commerce channels MTB and Karl’s Bait and Tackle, and a hyper engaged community through its social and Youtube channels.

Catch. Never Caught.

The unknown is best discovered together.

We already had an amazing brand before we partnered with Listen. But Listen helped us capture and articulate exactly what it was that made our brand special and how we could bring that magic into everything else the company did and created.

Ross Gordon, Founder & CEO


  • Ross Gordon
    Founder & CEO
  • Ryan McDonnell
    Co-Founder & CTO


Chicago, IL