Brand Re-Opening

As the world begins to open up post-pandemic, brands are facing existential questions. Is remote work the new norm? Are hybrid models worth the organizational hassle? Will real estate prove to be a strain on company capital? With American workers quitting at the highest rates in decades, and even Appleโ€™s $5bn state-of-the-art UFO campus unable to compete with home offices, some say itโ€™s time for companies to start thinking like Airbnb hosts if they hope to stay relevant to a modern workforce.

To combat employee burnout, companies are throwing a lot of spaghetti at the wall โ€” from Zoom-free Fridays to free meditation app subscriptions. While these efforts may help retain staff in the short-term, time will tell if they materially impact long-term employee mental health and happiness.

In the boldest move yet, Kickstarter announced their global transition to a 4-day workweek beginning in 2022. Affiliated with a larger campaign to rethink our relationship to work, are we witnessing the beginning of compassionate corporate culture, or a temporary solve as brands struggle to find their footing in a world turned upside down?

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