What’s Hot on TikTok: October 8

What’s Hot on TikTok: October 8

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You will never guess what this week’s trend is about. Drum roll please… SQUID GAME! If you have any relatable content to make on Netflix’s hottest series, post it now! #SquidGame is on fire. And if you were an unfortunate enough soul like myself who finished the series in a day, the Squid Game hashtag has been a great way to stay wrapped up in it all.


Emily Zugay has become the queen of logos and just about every major brand is asking her for a redesign. She may not be the most talented designer, but she is quite funny. If you haven’t seen her content yet, you’re in for a real treat 🤣. My personal favorites include Amazon, Starbucks, and Chubbies.


What’s Hot on TikTok: October 8

The audio clip “Help…the killer is escaping” from American Horror Story has been blowing up on TikTok. Even Billie Eilish used it in her latest vid. If you’re feeling overly dramatic and are looking for an audio to match, this is your gal.


What’s Hot on TikTok: October 8
What’s Hot on TikTok: October 8

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