What’s Hot on TikTok: November 12

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If you can’t beat them, join them. This past week, you may have been confused to see YouTube clips pop up on your TikTok feed. YouTube has taken to the platform to advertise their new series UnFck It: 5 original shows made to inspire social change. It’s quite an interesting tango to dance right after launching YouTube Shorts. I’m curious to see how things will end…or continue on.


If you want to see a brand absolutely killing it at the TikTok game, check out Duolingo’s channel. They do a great job of writing genuinely funny content around their brand that their videos are steadily going viral. I’d love to know who’s running their channel.


What’s Hot on TikTok: November 12

Have you tried the Rock the Boat Challenge yet? Me either! This challenge consists of push ups. So if you’re the athletic kind, this one’s for you. There have been some insane performances going viral like this one from Team USA gymnast @rylitight.


What’s Hot on TikTok: November 12
What’s Hot on TikTok: November 12

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