What’s Hot on TikTok: January 28

What’s Hot on TikTok: January 28

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Imagine this: You’re getting ready to wash the dishes, but on your way to the sink you accidentally turn on your PlayStation and start to play video games instead. Yes… a bit of a dramatic way to paint the picture, but we’ve all been there at some point and that’s what the latest trend of Talking to the Moon is all about. TikTokers will video themselves on their way to do something responsible and “accidentally” end up doing something much more unproductive instead. From washing your dishes to eating out instead of cooking, this is a solid opportunity for brands to participate on either side of the trend to showcase their human side.


Do you like kooky, comical cooking videos? Me too! Cooking with Lynja is an MIT and Columbia alum turned internet cooking sensation and her video editing skills are amazing. One minute she’s cutting up fruit for a pie, the next minute she is the size of a piece of fruit IN the pie! Sensibility flies out the door with Lynja, and I’m absolutely loving it.


What’s Hot on TikTok: January 28

Here’s an easy and fun new trend to try: Renaissance Eyes. The filter replaces the eyes of famous Renaissance paintings with your very own. All you have to do is angle the camera correctly and do something amusing with your eyes.


What’s Hot on TikTok: January 28
What’s Hot on TikTok: January 28

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