What’s Hot on TikTok: February 4

What’s Hot on TikTok: February 4

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It’s certainly not the prettiest filter on TikTok, but it’s the filter we all need. TikTokers are sharing sad, stressful, and failure moments with Crying Eyes. Everything from cheating stories to falling in front of your crush — you name it, someone has made a video about it. This trend serves as a great outlet to acknowledge failures with some humor and relatability. Brands, if there’s anything you may need to break to your customers, now is a nice time to get that info across in a not-as-harsh way.


Behold, the cutest cat in the entire world, Kira the Cat! If you need some extra serotonin in your feed, definitely follow this kitty. She is soooooo cute! Some of my favorite videos of Kira are when her mom tucks her into bed with her little teddy bear. Oh my goodness!


What’s Hot on TikTok: February 4

You know that feeling when you come across something obscure yet intriguing, and you have nothing else to do but appreciate it? Well that’s exactly what the What’s this I like it Picasso audio is for. Some of my favorite videos from this trend include car emoji and Starbucks things.


What’s Hot on TikTok: February 4
What’s Hot on TikTok: February 4

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