What’s Hot on TikTok: February 11

What’s Hot on TikTok: February 11

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TikTok launched a new augmented reality filter of the cutest Little Green Bear. TikTokers have been videoing themselves playing around with this curious creature and viewers are mesmerized. If you can come up with something funny or interesting to show viewers about Little Green Bear, you’ll have a solid chance of catching some success from the trend. Some popular examples include flicking the bear across the room, sending him to the shadow realm, and showing him inside a cool art project.


If you are a fan of voguing, you MUST check out Best of Vogue. They are serving up the fiercest and funniest vogue performances out there, as well as reactions from the audience. It’s full of drama and sass, and I am absolutely living for it. They just introduced a new segment of content where they mesh video clips of people falling, with voguers death dropping and the transitions are FLAWLESS. Enjoy!

@bestofvogue It’s FINALLY💅🏽 time for this year’s 1st compilation😭 Still HOLLERING-WHEEZING about the first one😂💜 #voguing #voguedance #ballroomscene #dancers ♬ WHIP MY HAIR VOGUE bY kEVIN jZ pRODIGY – Best of Vogue™


What’s Hot on TikTok: February 11

All hail the glorious Duolingo owl! The language learning app has dominated TikTok trends with their adorable, yet mischievous mascot, Duo. Now everyone wants to know what Duo is going to do next! Brands like Sour Patch Kids and the Empire State Building are taking note and have launched their own mascots to compete for TikTok fame. While the success of having a mascot doesn’t necessarily translate to other social platforms, it has been a solid vehicle for brands to quickly jump on TikTok trends in a genuinely engaging way. Who are you enlisting to compete for your brand’s fame on TikTok?


What’s Hot on TikTok: February 11
What’s Hot on TikTok: February 11

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